So do you actually care?

Yes. We really do.

As a company we aim to strike a balance between sourcing the most ethically produced raw materials and providing excellent quality items that are made to last. Our aim is to ensure each of the fabrics used is ethically sourced and manufactured, as well as using fabrics that are organic or, if not certified, organically grown wherever possible.

Our products are designed to minimise waste, right through to using the recycled scraps from our Make Up Rounds as stuffing for our Bath None Sponges and Body Buffs!

Most of our products are handmade but, if we make a mistake, nothing goes in the bin! Wonky items that are still usable are available to buy at a heavy discount on our website, where you’ll find them listed as “imperfect”.

We also offer our fabric scraps for free.

What about your packaging?

All of Zero and Green packaging is entirely plastic-free and compostable. Orders will always be shipped in recyclable and compostable packaging, sealed with recyclable paper tape and where possible we use recycled boxes, too.

How long will my product last?

This one varies product to product and depends on how you treat it. The sponges should last at least 6 months with regular use, if you are consistently using them on something abrasive (like a cheese grater) then expect the life time to be a lot less.

Our make up pads, produce bags have been going for years and are still going strong!

Do you make your products?

We have a wonderfully diverse team of local creatives, all of whom are paid at least the national living wage and have the opportunity to share in the profit of the business each year.

Some of our products are sourced from elsewhere if we can’t make them ourselves, but we always make sure they are from ethical and reliable sources where people are cared for and the planet is considered!

Do you support any other causes?

Absolutely! We are determined to have a wider positive impact, and support various charities through the sale of our products.